Day 40: last coursework 


Yes I may have spent my whole morning figuring out how to make a histogram on excel but I done it and I finished my 6 page data analysis on water consumption and handed it in 3 minutes before the deadline…. I ACTUALLY HAD TEARS OF HAPPINESS COMING OUT OF MY EYES! Such a relief phew!

After handing in my work I decided to celebrate by going to subway with my friend to grab lunch/dinner! I haven’t had subway in ages so I really looked forward to that! SUBWAY APPARENTLY SELLS NACHOS NOW WHICH IS AMAZING BECAUSE THEY TASTE GR8.

Moving on, towards the end of the evening we decided to take a walk along a river and it was so cute! It was also dark which was better because pretty sparkly reflections in the water!!

Spontaneity took over when we walked passed nandos and decided to have our second dinner there…yes, two dinners in a day… WE ARE LIVING THE LIFE

believe it or not but I had my first nandos burger today because I always get chicken instead… WHY HAVE I NOT HAD NANDOS BURGERS BEFORE THEY ARE THE MOST AMAZING CREATION ON EARTH.

After nandos we explored around kings cross for a bit for no apparent reason (okay we may have been on the hunt for rainbow fountains but we didn’t find them so..) we stumbled across many pretty looking places instead.

I love spending time with le bestie


Day 39: work work work 

Today’s been a very work filled day! I guess that makes me happy because getting work done is always a good thing!

Although  I may have procrastinated several times (for example by making this poster), I HAVE BEEN QUITE PRODUCTIVE!

Towards the end of the I may have overworked myself a bit and started feeling dizzy and kinda fainted (this is not the happy part) BUT, What did make me really really really happy is the fact that after I died and came alive again, I texted one of my friends just in case, to let her know (because might die again and all) and she actually went and bought me some food straight away even though it was late! It honestly makes me so happy knowing that I have such a nice and caring friend and I have no worlds to explain how much I appreciate it!

In conclusion, that really was the highlight of my day and the thing that made me happiest!

Woo to gr8 friends!

Day 38: Buckingham palace 


Even though the day started on a sad note (labour lost the election and ed miliband resigned) it ended as the best day ever ever ever.

I can now confirm that it is in fact possible to walk anywhere in london if you are motivated enough.

My midnight trip, with yet another companion seeking the same adventurous life as me, kicked off at GBK Angel.

After consuming the best sweet potato fries ever, I was inspired to go on a walk. I didnt know where, but we just kind of..began to walk.

I dont know how but we managed to cover all these places within a time period of 3 hours, but it happened! This is the very impressive list:

  1. UCL (yaaaaas)
  2. Oxford streeet
  3. trafalgar square
  4. london eye
  5. buckinham palace
  6. a dessert shop
  7. victoria station (which was the end)

In other words…im amazing.

How can someone not be happy about being as amazing as me?


Day 37: German Exam 


Since I haven’t written a long post in ages, I think it’s time to write a big one today. So feel free to get some tea to drink… Or some biscuits? Whatever floats your boat really. 

Today I had a German exam, which I didn’t really revise for. Nevertheless I was more relaxed than I ever was for an exam which was a bit strange. On the tube on my way there, I stumbled across many other language exam-takers who were heavily engaged with their dictionaries. I could quite literally hear their brain motors trying to memorise every word they read in their dictionaries, others were just pressing their notes against their faces. 

It was all very amusing to watch, especially when I was just sitting there, chilling, with my high fibre low fat berry muffin from pret. Clearly I had my priorities right. Food before everything xox

Walking to the exam hall was also very pleasant and nice, guitar players on the streets, shops everywhere and omg the exam hall. It looked like a palace inside, I genuinely wouldn’t mind doing more exams there. 

The exam also went brilliantly (thanks to the 10 minutes I spent on GCSE bitesize German revising my vocabulary before going in). After the exam I had a nice catch up with one of my friends from my German class which was really nice!

Since my mood was so great after the exam, I decided to reward myself with a shopping spree. I did in fact buy some lovely clothes and may or may not have spend over a hundred pounds… But I deserve it right!? 

A highlight of my day was bumping into two of my school friends on Oxford street. I haven’t actually seen them since last year so it was wonderful seeing them again… However after I got home I realised it was actually one of their birthdays, which made me feel a bit gutted because I would’ve sang happy birthday to him… 

AN EVEN BETTER PART OF MY DAY WAS GOING OUT WITH ONE OF MY FRIENDS. We ate, we got lost, we went to a playground and went a bit crazy. It was brilliant. 

I am very much buzzing today, life is gr8 

I also really love my friends (yes u) 


Day 36: milibanter 

Dear readers, I would like to begin with apologising about the lateness of this post, i really am sorry, exam season has apparently finally got the better of me!

Having said that, I have to say, I don’t know how I’ve managed to have such a weirdly eventful day.

I recently ordered some magic whiteboard paper which is quite literally one of the best inventions by human kind. Not only is there loaaaads of it in one roll, it magically sticks on to walls as well which is quite frankly… Absolutely crazy

My overwhelmed self therefore decided to provide all my friends with a fair share of this magical paper to aid their revision! This then lead to some very in depth revision sessions where me and my friend came to the conclusion that we will not in fact fail our exam!

I have also enjoyed some very politically funny conversations today to emphasise the love I have for ed miliband (he’s my one and only)

As you can see… I’m a hardcore labour supporter..

Anyways, the picture at the top is actually one of my friends rooms,  doesn’t it look so very tidy!?


Prior to my extreme cleaning antics, her room was actually drowning in junk and I’m pretty sure we weren’t 100% sure if she,in fact,did have a table or not… Today it has been confirmed that she does (thank god). Being the weirdo that I am, I kind of enjoy cleaning so it made me happy lol.

also article was published today… Can I just say, it’s doing amazing! People seem to be loving it and that makes me very happy too!

Again, apologies for the lateness of this post! WONT HAPPEN AGAIN


Day 35: green tea is life 

I don’t know what it is about buying a new box of tea, but it’s just a very satisfying experience. I currently have a green tea obsession so opening a new box was just… Heavenly. The fresh smell of green makes me rather happy.. Strangely enough.

I finished writing my second article today with my friend and hopefully it will be published tomorrow! I HAVE VERY HIGH HOPES FOR IT!

As well as that, there’s been lots of little things making me happy today, and it’s just been very nice! LIFE IS JUST SO VERY PEACEFUL RIGHT NOW!

Sorry for the late post again! Please forgive me

I sorry

I go now


Day 34: I have a new flatmate 

Sometimes, after hardcore revision, I get really bored and decide to dress up and take pictures of myself, and then return to my normal self and carry on working like nothing happened. 

In this picture I decided to go for the tumblr girl look with my wall stickers behind me, making it look like I’m in a meadow… I’m so creative.. You probably think I’ve lost it, truth to be told, I really have, but what can I do… MY PHOTOSHOOT MADE ME HAPPY!

Today I discovered that I had a flat mate who moved in during the start of April and had somehow managed to remain as a ghost for the past month. 

When checking my post today I found a letter which was addressed to ‘elaine’… There is no Elaine in my flat, so I assumed it was the new girl!

In the kitchen I finally had my first encounter with ‘elaine’. She was on her way out and I was on my way in. Me being the friendly person I am, I stopped her from going anywhere and made her talk to me by giving her a cheery welcome to the flat. 


She looked at me like I was speaking another language and replied with ‘I came in April’ …I was getting a bit perplexed so announced again, ‘you’re Elaine right? You had post’ 

She just stared at me, then decided to tell me that her name was actually yuki oka soki (I think… I may have made that up) and she also exclaimed that she came for her exams. Thanks for notifying me about that yuki 

So now that I knew that her name WASNT Elaine, I still wanted to know who Elaine was, so optimistically I asked her if she called herself Elaine sometimes? (She had to be Elaine)

Again, the confusion in her face was becoming permanent so I gave up my search for Elaine and asked her what course she did…

A few seconds of blank stares were then finally followed by ‘I do Scandinavian studies, it’s Swedish’ ….I smiled at her, she smiled back at me… She looked at her food, I looked at it too… She then left. 

I have to say, this may have been the weirdest interaction I had ever had with anyone, however reflecting back on it, it just makes me smile. In fact, it makes me giggle… I like her. I THINK WE’LL BE BEST FRIENDS! She seemed to like me too…

Aah happiness is finding cool new people who do Scandinavian studies and came to do exams.

Yuki if you’re reading this, I’m sorry if you think I’m weird….