Hello! My name is Nadzia, I’m 18, studying a degree called Arts and sciences at UCL. Okay that’s all you need to know really, good bye. JUST KIDDING, so a few days ago I started a 100 happy days blog on tumblr (feel free to follow nadziaaaaa.tumblr.com), and I have really been enjoying the whole blogging process and writing about all the things that make me happy everyday. A lot of my friends have been keeping up to date with my posts and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much they were enjoying everything! I mean I do have a pretty weird life, but I never thought it was weird enough to actually bring joy to peoples lives lol. Anyway, since it made such a positive impact on my friends, I thought I would share my blog with more people, however I don’t think I had many readers on tumblr (at least from what it looked like). So I thought I’d have a simultaneous 100 happy days blog on wordpress too, so that more people could read my stuff! That is all really! I will have to copy and paste my ‘100 happy days’ progress so far from tumblr on to here today, so sorry about any confusion… I don’t know why it would be confusing, but just in case! I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope it brings a smile to your face and etc. (I am trying to avoid sounding cheesy oh god).

p.s. the girl sitting on grass in the picture is me just in case you  were wondering

p.s.s. Follow me on instagram @nadziaaa

-the end-


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