Day 88: A bit of a summary

*carries on 100 happy days posts like she didn’t randomly stop at day 46, left a massive gap and carried on like nothing happened*

Okay yes, I stopped writing posts after day 46 but it’s not because I suddenly got really depressed, gave up on happiness and decided to live in an isolated box with no internet and human interaction.

In fact, it’s the opposite really, the past few days  have probably been my happiest by far, like genuinely… Happiest ever ever, so maybe they were too happy for my blog to handle and that’s why I didn’t write…

(okay I was just too lazy to write lol).

Anyway, I would love to write about all of the things that have made me happy this past month but there honestly is too much, so this post is basically going to be  a very quick (I say quick but its probably going to be a 2000 word essay with referencing)  summary of this past month as well as a reflection of my first year at uni,

Warning: there is a slight chance of philosophical and emotional moments in this post, if this is not something you are prepared for, please stop reading right now. Like… Just stop reading, you might cry, and i’m not about the whole making people cry life (if you are one of my friends reading this, you may think otherwise)

So yesterday was my very last day at my uni accommodation and everyone was moving out (or else we would’ve probably been kicked out).

I have to admit, it was a weird day because the only things that tend to go through your mind are how much everything has changed since the first day you moved into the place.

I mean, I would have never assumed on my first day that on the last day I would have no cutlery left.

Truly life changing experience.

Not to forget, who would’ve known that the packet of pasta purchased on day 2 would still be sitting exactly where it was placed the day it was bought, next to the unopened box of PG tips .(I don’t drink much tea but I thought uni life was going to change that).

I started my year with a ridiculous amount of optimism about finally enhancing my cooking skills and perhaps even successfully using a toaster.I went in all prepared with my saucepans in 3 different sizes, potato peeler, grater, chopping board, a fine selection of knives and other high-tech cooking utensils that I was oh so excited to use.

But after an unfortunate turn of events, the only thing that came to any use was my pizza cutter (which someone stole anyway).

On the bright side, I’m sure dominos had a good year.

University life was definitely not what I was expecting it to be, however it undoubtedly wasn’t a disappointment either. I can truly say that I have met people this year who I genuinely will be friends with for the rest of my life.

I would like to thank my accommodation for being the reason why me and my friends found each other(I’m so cute)…so yeah, thanks!

Reflecting back on the year also really makes you appreciate all the downs, because even those moments ended up leading to something good. It’s been amazing seeing peoples characters develop over time  and being able to learn from them. I never expected for a bunch of people to have this much of an impact on my life, but I guess they’re just that special (okay too much nice-ness, i’ll stop now oh god).

I think that’s me done with my emotional part, now I move on to craziness. This year has been super duper crazy:

Countless nights out filled with drama, falling off stages at ministry of sound, running away from guys when they looked the other way just before taking your number, throwing up all over floors,almost missing physics exams, paying £80 for a boris bike, winning baking competitions, becoming a journalist (kinda), spontaneous trips to m&m world, so many cheeky nandos that every time you hear the word cheeky now you HAVE to associate it with nandos (im kind of sick of the word cheeky tbh),countless  missed lectured due to a dangerously messed up sleeping pattern, over consumption of desserts and chocolate, post clubbing mcdonalds, deep conversations until 5am in the morning about human existence and the current economy, drunken flat nights with £120 worth of alchohol, naked men in boats at regents canal, tears, confrontations, laughter, death, missed boat parties at the thames, surprises, 21 truths taken to extreme levels, too much pizza, midnight monopoly madness, exams, life, stolen milk, throwing chairs, online shopping gone wild, oxford street, more shopping, more drama and last but not least…selfies.

If you dont at least have 2 albums on facebook that are full of pictures of you and your friends before nights out in the kitchen during pre pres, did uni really happen?

the answer is clearly no

Obviously passing the first year of uni was important too..kind of.

Leaving yesterday was sad because even though I only lived at the place for less than a year, so many memories were created inside that very  building, and so many of those memories were probably life changing, even in the long run (as cliche as that may sound). Its crazy to see how much has changed but I personally wouldn’t want it any other way!

-the end-

you may all cry now


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