Day 45: day one of freedom


Since I am now officially free from exams, I thought I would fully utilise my freedom today!

My day started with me waking up, eating breakfast, going back to sleep again, waking up, eating lunch, going back to sleep again and then waking up again to get ready! (please dont judge my sleeping habits)

The first thing that made me happy today was my hair. Yes, my hair. I went to sleep in rubber curlers last night and took the curlers out in the afternoon and OMG  my curls turned out so well!

Next I had a wonderful lunch and made my way to uni to meet my friends!

I would say that we are a pretty adventurous trio since whenever we are together we end up doing random crazy things.

It all started with going to sainsburys just to get some snacks, this turned into a full on food shopping spree and plans for a picnic at Hyde park.

As we got to Hyde park, we enjoyed the picnic and ate lots of food (mini cheesecakes(lots of cheesecakes actually) cookies, crisps etc). I ALSO BOUGHT MYSELF SOME BUBBLESSS.

Whilst the other two were talking about taking illegal substances, I was absolutely fascinated and deeply engaged with watching two squirrels chase each other around the park!

Next we took a nice stroll along a really big lake at hyde park where I saw the cutest ducks and swans, one of the ducks was actually standing on just one leg which was pretty impressive.

Towards the end we found a very secretive yet pretty shelter place and walked around talking about trees and which ones looked the nicest (idk why but it was a lot more fun than it sounds), although i would probably say that since trees are life

In general it was a very relaxing, chilled out and fun day and the thought of having more of them from now on is making me so very happy!




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