Day 44: the day I survived 

So my last exam was today, and I’m very happy that it’s all over now but, today may or may not have been the worst start to a day I’ve ever had in my 18 years of existing.

It all actually started when the fire alarm at halls went off at midnight, disrupting my peaceful night before exam! I went to bed at 3 after some last minute revision and felt fairly prepared for the exam!

The exam was at 10 and I planned out my route the night before and got everything ready, I even set 15 alarms to wake me up at 7am.

Little did I know that my day was going to go downhill dramatically…

After having slept through all of my alarms I woke up at 9:30 (my exam started at 10). As the panic started to hit me, I ordered an uber the moment I opened my eyes and rushed out of my room! The first unlucky event of the day was my uber cancelling on me and having to wait another 10 minutes for a second one to arrive (it was already 9:50 at this point and there was no way I could make it on time).

As soon as I got into the car I asked the driver how long it would take and he told me 30 minutes max. I may have started crying. Not only did I prepare for this exam a ridiculous amount, I also did not want to miss it because lets be honest…who likes missing exams.

My friends were really amazing at keeping me kind of sane and making sure I was calling up the right people and letting them know what was going on. I have some pretty wise friends tbh, they really were helpful, so that made me feel a bit better!

To still have a chance of taking the exam I was told that I had to arrive at the exam hall by 10:30, this didn’t seem like a problem since the driver kept reassuring me that we would make it.

On the way, the route we were taking seemed a bit weird but I didn’t think much of it since I was too engaged with worry and panic and car sickness (I get really travel sick).

It was 10:28, we arrived. I was going to make it….until I realised the driver took me to the wrong destination. Instead of taking me to ‘old ford road’ I was in fact at ‘old road’. Which is in the completely wrong part of London and there was no way I could make it to my exam.

The actual exam hall was another half an hour away from where we were and I pretty much just felt like leaving the car and going to the nearest tube station and making my way there myself.

However the driver assured me it would be quicker by car (he just wanted a higher fare) so I agreed. Although this was not good for my car sickness as I had to ask him to pull over several times so that I could be sick. (Yay me).

It was 11 and I finally made it to my actual exam hall in East London (I really dont know why our exam venues are so ridiculously far away). The first thing I did was run into the toilets since I was still feeling sick and wanted to see the state of me (I looked like a vampire, a wet one because it was raining).

My phone was also dead by this point so I couldn’t let any of my friends know about what was happening which was terrible

Luckily I found an invigilator and I talked to a few people at the exam hall and they wrote down my details and gave me a very important blue sheet that I had to take back to uni and hand in to the people who were examining me.

The blue sheet had to be in by 12 (that’s when the actual exam finished), it was 11:20 and I rushed to the nearest station.

I was running, it was raining and my blue sheet was getting wet but still alive. Just as I was about to get onto the train, a sudden stream of wind hit me and blew the sheet out of my hand. I ran after it but it was too late. IT FELL ONTO THE RAILS.

At that point I was pretty much done with life and wanted to give up, go home and sleep. If my luck was THIS bad, surely it just wasn’t meant to be. I ran around the station like a lost kid , trying to find someone to help me get the sheet, but it was too late anyways. THE SHEET WAS GONE. I WAS DONE.

Nevertheless, I still got into the train that took me to uni in the hope that someone could help me.

Again running in the rain and getting to uni just to be redirected from person to person was not great. Since my exam was a physics exam, I was directed to the physics department where I was in tears because the stress got to me and my hair volume increased by a scale factor of 100. How does one do an exam with non-fabulous hair

The examination ladies talked to each other, looked at me, talked some more and finally came to the conclusion that I could sit my exam.


It was 12:10, the actual exam was over and they literally made an exception for me! I wanted to hug the lady, but I was kinda wet so I didn’t

Buzzing I got out my calculator and pens and got ready to absolutely destroy the physics paper. Which I totally did.

IT WAS THE BEST PHYSICS PAPER I EVER DID. I was so pleasantly surprised

As the time was up, I was relieved. It was over. The exam was over, in fact all my exams were over. I WAS FREE AND HAPPY

I got the bus back and couldn’t wait to charge my phone and tell my friends that I made it. However what I saw when I turned on my phone, just really made my day EVEN better

I seem to mention my friends a lot on here, but that’s because most of the time they are the reason why I’m happy. My disappearance due to the dead phone lasted almost 4 hours and all of my friends were ridiculously worried.

They were all so supportive and caring and it was just so lovely! Even my friends that sat the exam were worried enough to ask on our Facebook page about whether I was okay/alive/dead

It was also great to see how happy everyone was when they realised i was alive (they kind of thought I died or got lost somewhere). It just made me realise how much I love them and how amazing my friends are!

So yes, I’m sorry about the depressing post but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been happy today! In fact, even though my day was absolutely horrific to start with, it ended on a pretty amazing note

As well as that, I would like to thank the taxi driver for putting up with me and trying to calm me down

I would also like to thank all my friends

And my mum

And dad

And sister

And my future dog

I love you all

And remember, if you think you’re having a bad day, I doubt it will ever be as bad as this


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