Day 43: I ate…everything

Firstly I would like to point out that the drawing of me was NOT done by me! I can draw everything but people which is quite sad. Anyway, one of my friends back from my old art class is amazing at drawing people and I asked him if he could draw me and he did (very quickly as well). I AM AMAZED BY THE DRAWING! The hair especially is amazing and it really makes me happy seeing fellow artists creating such amazing drawings!

Since I was at home today, it was more or less expected that my mum was going to surround me with food, left, right and centre! My diet has been going really well, but that always seems to go down hill when I’m home because my mum just feels the need to over feed me! IM NOT COMPLAINING, I love food, it’s honestly amazing, but Im pretty sure food is the reason for why my cheeks are so chubby! Either way, I do love it! So yeah, much happiness

My day has been spent revising for my last exam which is physics and its been more than intense!

After tomorrow however, I will be free again and the thought of that is absolutely amazing

So for now, good bye


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